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Dealers and Vendor Inquiries



Rattle HeadTM Baits welcomes dealer, wholesaler, and distributor inquiries! We pride ourselves on making quality products and then delivering these products in a timely manner. In order to begin the process of including Rattle HeadTM Baits in your retail store, please send us a copy of your current locally issued business license or resale certificate as well as your contact information and any comments by:


                             Phone:         423-349-5348 (Please phone before faxing)

                                  No Soliciting for Donations.   

                             Or Mail:  128 Helvey Lane Jonesborough, TN  37659

We will be happy to get a packet out to you right away describing our entry dealer program and reordering policies.  


If you do not have a current locally issued business license or resale certificate, please note that we cannot issue dealer pricing. However, please visit our online sales page for pricing.