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A 5.1 lb. Spotted bass caught during a Bass Master Southern Tour on Lake Lanier, GA. It was hooked in 12 feet of water while Burning a Rattle Head Spinner on a main lake point. The spot tie for big fish for the 2nd day.

Dow M. Cox

Owner of Rattle Head Baits Jonesborough, Tennessee

Dow Cox- Owner

The 2008 Season Opener for the Florida Central Division of the FOMNTT was held on Saturday January 12 on the Butler Chain located on the outskirts of Orlando. The winning Team of John Cox and Keith Carson with 20.32 pounds, won a total of $2450.00 that included the TRITON GOLD $500 Bonus Money. Fishing on both Lake Down and Sheen, John and Keith used Rattle Head Bait jigs with Producto Lure white grubs in 15 feet of clear water with lots of vegetation. Culling through ten fish, the Team also weighed the Big Fish of the Day 6.10 lbs. For full article please see: http://www.fomntt.com/schedule.php?id=1236



Back40Outreach (www.back40outreach.com) held it's 4th annual fishing tournament on Guntersville Lake in Guntersville, AL. The tournament is a format that consists of 4 sessions each lasting 4 hours (3 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday). Over the years I've caught fish in the tournament. I've been happy through the years catching 3 and 4 pound largemouth. I was in second place after 3 sessions. During the fourth session Jon Bondy suggested I use the Rattlehead Spinner bait. The Rattlehead proved to be more than adequate for the type of fishing we were doing. The weight and durability of the Rattlehead made it easy to pull through the grass while dropping it off the ledge. The first fish I landed was this 6.36 lb largemouth. This lure was irresistable to the fish. The shad were convinced, the bass were convinced, even the 2 pound crappie that couldn't stop itself from taking the bait was convinced. I went on to catch a 4 lb largemouth and a 4.5 lb largemouth all on the Rattlehead. I caught over 15 lb's in 4 hours because of the Rattlehead. This win secured a victory in the tournament with a total of over 27 lb's. I would highly recommend this lure to anyone serious about bass fishing.


Aaron Kelley

Brentwood, TN

Dow and Bekki Cox,


I ran across some of the Rattle Head Baits at the Bassmaster Classic in Shreveport and bought some because they were so different. Never did I realize how well it would catch fish. On March 4th, one of my employees and I went to one of our home town lakes, Millwood and it tied on one of my favorite spinner baits. The fish would hit the blade, but would turn lose, so I stopped and tied one of your 3/8 tandem Colorado Spinnerbaits, on the first cast a 2 pound bass hammered it. We caught 40 bass that day, the largest was 5 pounds. Im looking forward to giving the jigs a try and seeing how they work out, Thanks fro making a great product!


Randy Banks

Hope, Arkansas