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The sound test on the Rattle HeadTM Spinner Bait was recorded in a swimming pool with a hydrophone. Both the Rattle HeadTM and standard spinner baits used in the files below had the same blade, line, wire size and head weight. Recordings were performed by pulling the spinner baits through the water by the hydrophone using a standard fishing rod and reel.


To hear the difference, click on the speakers below. 

(Sound files are 2.5 Mb download.)

Rattle HeadTM Spinner Bait


Spinner Bait



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Standard Spinner Bait Wave FileStandard Spinner Bait Wave File

Sound Test

The Following Videos explain what is different about a Rattle Head Bait.


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File are up to 24 MB Download.




The Following Video on YouTube shows all the Rattle Head Baits in a fish tank with a Hydrophone. Hear for yourself.


Click on link Below.